This page present our writing desk collection inspired by the Asiatic furnishisng and made by Gabriel Viardot in the second half of the 19th century. 

meuble viardot

Stamped “G. Viardot” and dated
Materials : Tainted sycamore, patinated varnished bronze, Tonkin mother-of-parl inlay, lavquered Japanese panels.
Localisation : France, 1886
Dimensions : H : 159 cm, W : 71 cm, D : 47 cm

Secretary with a Buddhist monk

The presence of a date on a piece by Gabriel Viardot is a point in itself and worth noticing. The great quality of production of this sloping desk probably explains its presence.
Faithful to the Japanese productions, this desk with classic construction has an assymetrical composition, notably in its upper part. In the center of it is a drawer around which shelves and cabinets are distributed. The box located in the lower part is closed by a door adorned with Tonkin mother of pearl inlays, an element reused according to a then customary practice. Below, a small square-shaped box is closed by a panel with a lacquer decor from Japan. An Buddhist monk is depicted there seated and dressed in a rich tunic with gilded motifs. His face is very meticulously represented, engraved in the ivory.
The panel closing the desk is also decorated with inlaid Tonkin mother of pearl.

Small writing desk

This carved and openwork wooden secretary is decorated with mother-of-pearl inlays depicting flowers and birds and bronze ornaments. It opens with a door, a drawer on the front and a writing flap opening two drawers on lion claw feet.

meuble viardot

Stamped “G. Viardot” on one of the feet
Material : Sycamore,  polished varnished bronze, Tonkin mother-of-pearls inlays
Localisation : France, circa 1880 and 1890
Dimensions : H : 158, cm, W : 75 cm, D : 47 cm

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