This page presents our diverse furniture collection inspired by the Asian art and made by Gabriel Viardot in the second half of the 19th century.

Cupboard with dragon

The lower part consists of multiple vertical boxes surmounted by three shelves. The upper part of this piece is decorated with latticed wood in the tradition of Japanese furniture. A polished varnished bronze dragon crowning this cupboard is entirely characteristic of the production of Gabriel Viardot. The vertical uprights are also decorated with gilded bronze elements that we can also find on other productions by Gabriel Viardot.

meuble Viardot

Atrtibuted G. Viardot
Material : Tainted sycamore and polished varnished bronze

Localisation : France, circa 1880-1890
Dimensions : H : 138 cm, W : 53 cm, D : 34 cm


meuble Viardot

Attributed to G.Viardot
Material : Sycamore
Localisation : France, circa 1880-1890
Dimensions : H : 100 cm, W : 61 cm, D : 50 cm

Set of two dragon chairs

The top rail of the back is surmounted by an elongated dragon carved in the round. These armchairs rest on slightly arched feet and joined by a rail with openwork decoration. Carved decorations, on the top of the feet and on the sides of armrests, stylized interlacing. For one of the two armchairs, the armrests are decorated with protomes of dragons and the feet are terminated by claws.

Desk with mother-of-pearl decoration and its chair

The top, richly carved and engraved with a Japanese motif, is decorated with a mother-of-pearl marquetry decoration. It opens with two sliding side shelves, five drawers and rests on legs finished in claws. His chair has the same legs and an openwork backrest with a mother-of-pearl motif in the centre.

meuble viardot

Stamped G. Viardot
Material : Tainted sycamore and mother-of-pearl

Localisation : France, circa 1880-1890
Dimensions : H : 78 cm, W : 132 cm, D : 66 cm


Viardot meuble

Signed G.Viardot
Material : Sycamore
Localisation : France, circa 1880-1890
Dimensions : H : 173 cm, W : 110 cm, D : 44 cm

Display cabinet

This display cabinet, made at the end of the 19th century, is stamped Gabriel Viardot. With a sculpted and openwork decoration, its pediment is decorated with a dragon in high relief. It opens on the facade through a glass door on five shelves, three of which are arranged in a staggered pattern, one of which is supported by a dragon.

Clock shaped as a pagoda with a Foo dog bronze

Beautiful clock taking the shape of an Japanese architecture with a pagoda roof, on the mount of which a slendid bronze dragon is wound. On the right a very big Foo dog also in bronze seems to be going down the roof and is holding itself on a pedestal adorned with Japanese scrolls next to the clock. The exceptional quality of the bronzes and the specific shape of the big Foo dog that we also find on furniture bearing the signature of the artist, prove the extreme attention given for the realization of this clock by Gabriel Viardot.

Viardot pendule

Attributed to G. Viardot
Material : Tainted sycamore and polished varnished bronze

Localisation : France, circa 1880-1890
Dimensions : H : 42cm, W : 51 cm, D : 20 cm


Signed G.Viardot
Material : Sycamore and bronze
Localisation : France, circa 1880-1890
Dimensions : H : 38 cm, W : 30 cm, D : 30 cm

Pair of Japanese applied consoles

The consoles are composed beneath them of a square table with a sculpted decor of abstract geometrical motifs typical of the Asian art and lightened up with elements in polished varnished bronze finely carved.

Bedroom furniture composed of a wardrobe and a bed in tinted sycamore

The wardrobe is adorned on its pediment, reminding the roof of the pagoda, with a beautiful projecting sculpture of flowered cherry tree branch that we call « sakura » in Japanese. The center of the wardrobe shows a large rectangular mirror framed by two asymmetric unit shelves above cartouches adorned with branches of bamboo in slight relief. The wardrobe’s whole receive a carved and in relief decoration belonging to the Asian iconography.

The bed is also adorned with a very rich sculpted and carved decoration with Asian inspiration depicting plants, interlacing, flowers and fantastic animals. The foot board shows a very beautiful medallion sculpted with high relief flowers on the center and statues of Foo dogs on the mounts. The headboard is adorned with a beautiful sculpted dragon and surmounted by a canopy with geometric motifs in frieze.

chambre à coucher

Attributed to G. Viardot
Material : Tainted sycamore 

Localisation : France, circa 1880-1890
Dimensions of the wardrobe : H : 252 cm, W : 173,5 cm, D : 52 cm
Dimensions of the bed : H : 255 cm, W : 155 cm, D : 225 cm

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