This page present our tables collection inspired by the Asiactic furnishing and made by Gabriel Viardot in the second half of the 19th century.

meuble viardot

Stamped “G. Viardot” on the back of one of the tables
Material : Tainted sycamore, other-of-pearls inlay
Localisation : France, circa 1880-1890
Dimensions : H : 76 cm, W : 62 cm, D : 40 cm

Nested tables

This series of four nested tables perfectly illustrates the production of “small living room pieces” by Gabriel Viardot. Carrying the signature of the famous Parisian cabinetmaker, these tables are entirely representative of his work and style. Characteristic of the taste for the Far East that was then inspiring Europe, one finds typical decorative elements of the trend called “Japanism.” Some wooden latticed grids and panels inlaid with Tonkin mother of pearl in the sinuous motifs confirm this theory.

Small Japanese style table with fan

This small Japanese style tea table, made out of beech wood, is decorated with polished varnished bronze decorations and inlays of ebony and mother-of-pearl.
The top is decorated with a fan which leaf is carved in wood and which strands are made out of ebony inlaid with mother of pearl. A butterfly embellishes the composition. A polished varnished bronze dragon is winding on one end of the table top. The vivacity of his posture and the precision of the bronze details are of great finesse and sophistication, like the other bronze pieces adorning this table. The center of the openwork apron is adorned with a bronze plate where have been chiseled various floral motifs. Four bronze heads of Foo dogs are at the top of the feet. The many details composing these figures, such as the curves and undulations of their manes, are remarkable. The feet support an openwork stretcher. The feet end with sharp claws carved into the wood.

meuble Viardot

Attributed to G. Viardot
Material : Tainted sycomore, polished varnished bronze, leather, ebony and mother-of-pearl

Localisation : France, circa 1880-1890
Dimensions : H : 79 cm, W : 69 cm, D : 42 cm

meuble Viardot

Attributed to G. Viardot
Materials : Tainted sycamore and gilt bronze
Localisation : France, circa 1880-1890
Dimensions : H : 102 cm, W : 80 cm, D : 52 cm

Table with gilded bronze decorations

Its main shelf is topped by three small shelves placed completely asymmetrically. All these shelves are engraved with a naturalistic décor. The shelves are supported, on the right side, by two gilded bronze dragons. Bronze ornamentations are very present on this small table. They adorn the feet, the middle and the vertical uprights and make this piece a completely luxurious example.

Bureau with extensions

We find on the the foot where all the Japan inspired decoration sets, a mix between empty and full spaces. The strut is adorned with a beautiful and threatening dragon, which we find very often on other furniture made by Viardot. The belt engraved decoration takes from the geometrical scrolls inspired by the japanese ornamentation, they come to frame a cartouche on center depicting a floral decoration.

The extreme attention brought to the creation of this furniture by Gabriel Viardot is translateed trough the original composition and the rich decorations inspired by the Japanese art.

meuble Viardot

Stamped “G. Viardot”
Material : Tainted sycomore and Maroquin leather

Localisation : France, circa 1880-1890
Dimensions : H : 75 cm, W : 120 cm, D : 22 cm

meuble Viardot

Attributed to G. Viardot
Materials : Tainted sycamore, bones and polished varnished bronze
Localisation : France, circa 1870-1880
Dimensions : H : 76 cm, W : 72 cm, D : 105 cm

Japanese table with bones birds marquetery

The furniture maker is making here, a very beautiful table of which the shape and the decors are inspired by the Far East esthetic. The slab with enrolled edges is adorned on its central part with an important inlaid decoration of bones depicting birds on cherry tree branches. It rests on a very worked foot receiving a carved and open work decor as bronze pieces with high quality carving, typical of the furniture maker’s work. The feet with sharp claws sculpted in the wood support on their middle an open work strut.

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